🐍 Using OpenTelemetry Exporter for Prometheus Remote Write

Use OpenTelemetry Prometheus Exporter package in Python applications to send data to Prometheus compatible systems such as Levitate

You can push custom metrics to Prometheus-compatible backends, such as Levitate, using OpenTelemetry Exporter for Prometheus Remote Write.

This tutorial shows using the Otel Exporter with a Python application to send metrics to a Prometheus-compatible backend.

Here is a sample Python application that includes the package for Otel Expoter for Remote Write.

#!/usr/bin/env python

import logging
import random
import sys
import time
import json
from logging import INFO

from opentelemetry import metrics
from opentelemetry.exporter.prometheus_remote_write import (
from opentelemetry.metrics import Observation
from opentelemetry.sdk.metrics import MeterProvider
from opentelemetry.sdk.metrics.export import PeriodicExportingMetricReader

logging.basicConfig(stream=sys.stdout, level=logging.INFO)
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

exporter = PrometheusRemoteWriteMetricsExporter(
        "username": sys.argv[2],
        "password": sys.argv[3],
reader = PeriodicExportingMetricReader(exporter, 1000)
provider = MeterProvider(metric_readers=[reader])
meter = metrics.get_meter(__name__)

requests_counter = meter.create_counter(
    description="number of requests",

testing_labels = json.loads(sys.argv[5])

num = random.randint(0, 1000)
requests_counter.add(num % 131 + 200, testing_labels)
logger.log(level=INFO, msg="completed metrics collection cycle")

The script accepts the following CLI arguments.

  1. Remote Write URL
  2. Username
  3. Password
  4. Metric name
  5. Labels

A complete example is as follows:

python app.py LEVITATE_REMOTE_WRITE_URL LEVITATE_CLUSTER_USERNAME LEVITATE_CLUSTER_PASSWORD 'my_metric' '{"environment": "staging", "label": "9999"}'

This will insert the metric into the Remote Write backend, and we can confirm this by looking into Grafana.

Sample metrics

The complete code example can be found here.