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Terminology and Concepts

Glossary of concepts and terms related to Levitate

Levitate Cluster

  • A Levitate cluster is a logical namespace for your metrics.
  • Typically, you would create multiple clusters for different environments.
  • You can create as many Levitate clusters as you want.
  • Each Levitate cluster gets a unique read and write URL.
  • Each cluster is Prometheus Remote Write compatible.
  • There are no per-cluster limits in Levitate.
  • The ingestion rate, read query rate, and data retention limits are applied for all the data across all clusters.
  • Last9 uses data across all your clusters as the billing metric. There is no separate billing per cluster.
  • Each cluster acts as a Prometheus API-compatible data source.
  • You can not use metrics from two different clusters in a Grafana panel or a PromQL query.