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Send data to Levitate from Akamai for CDN monitoring


This document lists step-by-step instructions for Akamai CDN monitoring with Levitate.


Create a Levitate cluster by following Getting Started.

Keep the following information handy after creating the cluster:

  • $levitate_remote_write_url - Levitate's Remote write endpoint
  • $levitate_remote_write_username - Cluster ID
  • $levitate_remote_write_password - Write token created for the cluster


Levitate uses the Akamai Reporting API to fetch the relevant metrics and push them to Levitate.

Create an Akamai API Client for the relevant reporting APIs and share the following credentials with the Last9 team.


The complete list of available reports can be found here.

  • host
  • client_token
  • client_secret
  • access_token

The data flow is as follows.

Akamai Metrics to Levitate

CP Codes

Content Provider codes (CP codes) identify your traffic on the ​Akamai​ network for reporting, billing, and monitoring purposes. The Levitate Akamai integration needs access to the CP Codes from your account to map the metrics underlying the CP Code correctly. Please share the CP Codes in the following CSV format.

Network(ESSL/FF),CPCode,Expected peak hits/s for the CPCode,List of hostnames,Path

Standard Akamai Metrics

This integration collects following standard metrics from Akamai for given CP codes.

  • edgeHits
  • hitsOffload
  • originHits
  • bytesOffload
  • edgeBytes
  • midgressBytes
  • originBytes
  • edgeHitsTotal
  • originHitsTotal
  • hitsOffload
  • bytesOffload
  • edgeBytesTotal
  • midgressBytesTotal
  • originBytesTotal

The Akamai reporting API reports metrics at 5-minute intervals.

Next steps

Once the credentials are shared with the Last9 team, the Akamai connector will be enabled for your account. Moreover, metrics will start flowing into your Levitate cluster.


Please get in touch with us on Discord or Email if you have any questions.