⛅️ AWS Cloudwatch Metric Stream

AWS Cloudwatch Metric Stream enables customers to send their Cloudwatch metrics to Levitate.


Create a cluster on Levitate dashboard and copy the Write HTTP Endpoint URL from the Cloudstream section.

Levitate Cluster Cloudstream settings

Creating an AWS Kinesis Delivery Stream

  1. Open the AWS Kinesis homepage (console.aws.amazon.com/kinesis/home)

  2. Open the left sidebar (click on the ☰ icon, if it is not expanded already)

  3. Click on Delivery Streams

    Delivery streams

  4. Click on Create delivery stream

  5. Choose Direct PUT

    Direct PUT

  6. Delivery stream name = last9-$your_organization_name

    Delivery stream name

  7. Set the copied write HTTP Endpoint URL from Levitate cluster as an HTTP endpoint.

    metrics endpoint

  8. Add username and password. Use cluster_id from Levitate cluster page as username and write token as password. Reach out to Last9 team to get username and password if needed.

  9. Choose or create an S3 bucket to save data the stream failed to deliver.

    S3 Bucket for failed data

  10. Click on Create delivery stream

    Create delivery stream

Sending data from Cloudwatch to the delivery stream

  1. Open the Cloudwatch console and click on Metrics -> Streams

    Cloudwatch console

  2. Click on Create metric stream

    Create metric stream

  3. Choose All metrics for sending all Cloudwatch metrics. Optionally you can also select specific namespace metrics you want to send by using theSelect namespaces =.

    All metrics

  4. Ensure that you use the delivery stream created in the earlier step and that the output format is Opentelemetry 0.7

    Delivery stream settings

  5. Enter the Metric stream name as last9-$your_organization_name - click on Create metric stream

    Create metric stream


The ingestion summary will start showing up Levitate cluster once the stream is enabled and starts ingesting data to Levitate.


Please get in touch with us on Discord or Email if you have any questions.