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Send Prodvana deployment change events to Levitate


This document lists step-by-step instructions for setting up Prodvana's Last9 integration to send deployment change events to Levitate. Learn more about Change Events in Levitate.


  1. Create a Levitate cluster by following Getting Started.

  2. Keep the following information handy after creating the cluster:

    • $levitate_remote_write_url: Levitate's Remote write endpoint
    • $levitate_remote_write_username: Cluster ID
    • $levitate_remote_write_password: Write token created for the cluster
  3. Create a Prodvana account and set up an application deployment.

    • You can find a sample application code for performing a deployment on Prodvana here.

Setup Last9 integration in Prodvana

  1. Go to the Integrations page in the Prodvana Dashboard. Prodvana Integrations

  2. Click on Connect under the Last9 integration. Connect Last9 integration

  3. Follow the Getting Started with API guide and copy the org slug, access token and refresh tokens from the Levitate dashboard.


    Copy the write access and refresh tokens as Prodvana integration pushes deployment change events to Levitate which is a "write" operation.

  4. Once the connection is successful, you will see a success message. Last9 integration connected

Configure your Prodvana application

To enable deployment change events to be sent to Levitate automatically when a deployment is triggered in Prodvana, add annotations to your Prodvana application config:

name: user-service # replace with your desired app name
- name: staging
- runtime: emulated-runtime
- name: production
- runtime: emulated-runtime # can be the same runtime as the previous step
- releaseChannelStable:
releaseChannel: staging
- manualApproval: {}
# you can find this in your Levitate dashboard at:
data_source: <levitate_data_source_name>

The data_source is the Levitate cluster where you want to send the events. You can copy the data_source_name from Levitate's Data Sources page.

Levitate Data Sources

Whenever there is a deployment for your Prodvana app called user-service (or whatever your specified app name in the config is), it automatically sends deployment events in Levitate.

Visualize the deployment events

All deployment events sent by Prodvana when a deployment happens will have the following labels:

  • application_name
  • event_name
  • event_state
  • release_channel
  • rollback
  • service_name
  • service_version

The events are sent for both start and stop deployment operations.

Deployment Change Events


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