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Receive Alert Notifications via Pagerduty

Setup Pagerduty integration and receive alert notifications from Levitate.

Getting started

Levitate can send alert notifications and resolutions to Pagerduty. This document lists the step by step instructions on how to setup Pagerduty integration with Levitate and start receiving alert notifications.


Levitate integrates with PagerDuty Events V2 API to send alert notifications to PagerDuty.

The Pagerduty Events V2 API is a highly reliable, highly available asynchronous API that ingests machine events from monitoring tools and other systems like Levitate. Events sent to this API are ultimately routed to a PagerDuty service and processed.

Setting up an Events API V2 integration in Pagerduty

Create an integration on any PagerDuty service

Add new Pagerduty Integration

Select Events API V2 as the Integration Type.

Select the Events API Integration

Copy the integration key and keep it handy as we will use it while creating a notification channel in Levitate.

Copy Events API Key

Setting up a notification channel in Levitate

  1. In Notification Channels, add a new PagerDuty channel

Create Notification Channel

  1. Add the API key copied from Pagerduty integration in the Integration Key field

Create Pagerduty Channel

  1. By default it is not assigned to any alert group. You can assign it to the alert group either via IaC flow or manually once alert rules are added to an alert group.

Notification Channels

Assigning a notification channel to an alert group

First navigate to the alert group and click on Pagerduty icon.

Set notification channel

Select from the dropdown which Notification channel you want to select from the dropdown.

Pagerduty channel


You can set different Pagerduty channels for threat and breach notifications depending on the severity of the alerts.


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