How to onboard on Levitate

What are the prerequisites for onboarding on Levitate?

Levitate takes under two minutes to sign-up and get started. After signing up, you can create a cluster, grab a remote write URL and plug it into your existing TSDB, and start sending data.

Give it a shot. Sign-up on Levitate.

Want a simple walkthrough? Here goes:

Step 1: Sign up on Levitate via your Google/Microsoft Business account at

Step 2: Create your account

Step 3: Proceed to set up your cluster

Step 4: Provide details of the cluster you are creating

  • Region → South East Asia OR Europe OR North America
  • Cluster Name → Identify your cluster with a name
  • Description → Some additional info on what purpose this cluster serves
  • Append Labels → Provide additional labels that will get appended to the metric data, making it easier to filter & query

Step 5: That's it! Your Levitate cluster is now live 😍

Step 6: Create a token to write to/read from your Levitate cluster

Step 7: Copy the Write Configuration and paste it to your Prometheus remote write config. Then, reload Prometheus to start sending data to your Levitate cluster.

Step 8: Refer to the adjacent read configuration and add it as a data source to the visualization tool of your choice.

If you want to use Grafana, you can also read our How to configure Grafana for Levitate guide.

And... You're done! 🟢